Polyurea & Spray Foam Equipment Rental

Polyurea & Spray Foam Equipment Rental

For short-term projects, spray foam equipment rental is often far more cost-effective than buying outright. We offer polyurea, spray foam insulation and plural component spray equipment rental across the UK at competitive hire rates.

Our spray foam insulation equipment rental service includes a wide range of machines to suit all projects, and we are also able to arrange carriage for your equipment.

We also have various models of Graco equipment for rental, including Graco XM hire for tougher plural-component materials and Graco Reactors for the application of polyurea.

For further assistance identifying the best machine for your job, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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    Take advantage of the popular Graco XM70 plural component sprayer at an affordable price with Spray Plant 2K’s rental service, perfect for short-term projects.

    Plural-Component Sprayers are designed to spray the toughest plural-component materials, with the assurance that you’re spraying accurately and on-ratio. Ideally suited for marine, bridge, rail and wind energy applications, each Graco XM is fully configurable – simply start with a base unit and select additional components required for your application. 

    If the product you are spraying requires this kind of unit to apply it will be best for you to get in touch with someone in our technical department as there are a variety of different configurations that may be required. The full unit specification list can be found at the bottom of this page available for download.

    For more information visit the Graco XM product page

    For enquiries regarding the purchase or hire of any plural component equipment please call 01132 634433 and ask for our sales or technical team, as the application is specialised and will need to be tailored to your particular application. Also note that Paint lines or heated lines need to be purchased separately due to the nature of the materials being applied.


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    For more information on systems available for rental and hire please call 01132 634433 and ask for our sales or technical team.

    Take advantage of an Electric Graco Reactor EXP2 at an affordable price with Graco Reactor hire packages from Spray Plant 2K.

    Like all long-term investments, purchasing Spray Machines can be an expensive process. If you’re working on a short-term project or have limited capital (for example if your business is just starting out), spray foam insulation equipment hire can be much more cost-effective.

    Hire of a Graco EXP-2 Electric driven unit for the application of polyurea Unit comes complete with 15mtrs of heated hose 3mtr whip, Air Purge Fusion Gun and Husky Feed Kit. Any additional heated lines must be purchased separately. Heater jackets are also available Please call our sales team on 0113 2634433 to assist with any enquiry for applying polyurea as the application is specialised and a few details will be needed first

    The electric Reactor EXP2 comes with a range of features for a comfortable and efficient spraying experience:

    • Powerful hybrid heater provides up to 15,300 watts of heat to preheat material quickly
    • Digital heat and pressure controls
    • Easy to use
    • Quick knockdown lower pumps for easy maintenance
    • Rugged and portable
    • Circulation valves with long-lasting seals
    • Hose heat transformer that doesn’t require tap settings
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  3. A25

    GRACO Reactor A25 Foam Insulation Sprayer Rental

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    Rental of foam spraying equipment can be much more cost-effective than buying outright when frequent use is not required. For this reason, We offer an insulation foam machine rental service to cover one-off projects.

    Foam insulation sprayer rental includes:

    • Graco Reactor A25 Unit
    • Air Purge (AP) Graco Fusion Gun
    • Graco Husky Diaphragm Pump
    • 15m Graco Heated Hose (3m whip)

    Manufactured by Graco, the Reactor A25 unit is ideal for foam applications and has been engineered to deliver consistent temperature control and better quality foam, even when you’re spraying at maximum flow rates. Additional heated lines must be purchased separately. Heater jackets are also available.

    Spray Plant 2K offers a wide range of equipment for rental for the application of polyurethane, polyurea and plural component materials. As foam applications are specialised, please contact us before ordering as a few details will be required before we can confirm your order. For more information or help finding the best equipment for your project, please contact us by email or by calling 0113 263 4433.

    A full specification for the Graco A25 can be found below.

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