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At Spray Plant 2K, we are proud of our track record of supplying the internal and external coating systems for Gas, Oil and Water pipes for plants around the world.


All our systems are capable of applying high solid coatings to an accurate thickness and acceptable finish, to reduce the cost of reject pipes and ensure inspections are passed.


Spray Plant 2K were instrumental in the development of a new field coating system, taking the high accuracy of internal coatings to on-site field coating joints.


Our experience covers installation, site support, 24hr technical cover and operator training.


Get in touch with our team of experienced specialists to discuss your project today.

NORWAY Pipe Rotation Project

Nord Stream, Inpex and Wheatstone are some of the longest pipelines in the world. Spray Plant 2k are trusted by the two largest specialist coatings providers globally for equipment supply and technical support.