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Graco Fusion AP Plural Spray Gun
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Graco Fusion AP Plural Spray Gun

Technical Specifications


The Fusion Air Purge is Graco’s most popular plural-component gun for both polyurethane foam and polyurea applications. Its exceedingly simple air-blast tip technology ensures less maintenance and minimal downtime. 


Easy air-blast tip cleaning minimises build-up and tip clogging 


Enduring side seals prevents downtime 


Easily change the mix chambers with the quick-release fluid housing 


Hand-tightened front cap means you don’t need and tools in order to properly clean and maintenance the seals and mix chamber 




Technical Specifications
Air Inlet Size (in) 1/4
Fluid Orifice Size (in) 0.024
Gun Weight (kg) 1.1
Maximum Air Inlet Pressure (bar) 9
Maximum Air Inlet Pressure (psi) 130
Maximum Air Pressure (bar) 9
Maximum Air Pressure (psi) 130
Maximum Fluid Pressure (bar) 241
Maximum Fluid Pressure (psi) 3500
Minimum Air Inlet Pressure (bar) 5.5
Minimum Air Inlet Pressure (psi) 80