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Wherever you are, 2K can support you!
28 November 2023

Alfie Carr, Spray Plant 2K’s Workshop Manager recently gained his license to work ‘off-shore’, to support repairs being carried out by a 2K customer on an oil rig in the North Sea.

A 2K customer recently needed to carry out repairs to a methanol tank. They wanted to spray Belzona 1523. With our knowledge and experience of the material and Graco machines, we were able to supply our customer with two, hire, plural component spray machines modified to spray this product.

We help customers on-site all the time, whether they hire or have bought equipment from us. We handle everything from start to finish: preparing the spray equipment and accessories, travelling to site and arranging the transportation of all equipment and set up, so all our customers have to do is pull the trigger!

During the spray we monitor the pressure, temperatures, and spray pattern to ensure everything goes to plan. If required our engineers are able to carry out the repairs on-site to keep you up and running.  After the spray work has been completed, we clean the equipment and prepare it to be safely shipped back to Spray Plant 2K’s specialist workshop in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Whilst on-site our engineers can also audit your other spray equipment and advise on more optimal set ups, if required and discuss future jobs. We can also offer operational training, if your operator is unfamiliar with the machine or materials being used.

To speak to one of our experts about your off-shore projects, get in touch today.