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The Pitfalls of using Non-Original Spares for Industrial Spray Equipment.
26 January 2024

Most of us like a bargain but when it comes to cutting corners with your Industrial and commercial spray equipment, you might get more or less than you bargained for.

At Spray Plant 2K we know how crucial it is for you that your projects deliver quality, efficiency and profit but increasingly we deal with repairs to spray machines that cost our customers time and money and were completely avoidable. The use of non-original spares for spray machines can lead to a cascade of negative outcomes, posing risks to both the equipment and the operators. In this blog, we will delve into the significant drawbacks of opting for counterfeit or non-original spare parts as opposed to the benefits of using authentic manufacturer spares.

1. Warranty Voidance:

One of the most prominent drawbacks of using non-original spares is the potential voidance of the warranty on the machine. Manufacturers design warranties to protect consumers from defects and malfunctions, but using unauthorized parts may lead to the loss of this vital safeguard. This leaves users vulnerable to unforeseen issues without any recourse for repairs or replacements.

2. Proliferation of Copy Parts:

In many regions, the market is flooded with counterfeit or copied spare parts, making it challenging for consumers to distinguish between genuine and imitation components. This proliferation of copy parts poses a significant risk to the reliability and performance of industrial spray equipment, as these parts often lack the quality control standards upheld by the original manufacturers. Please note that Spray Plant 2K always use original manufacturers parts on any hired spray equipment and on any serviced machines.

3. Durability Concerns:

Non-original spares are notorious for their lack of durability and inferior quality compared to authentic parts. Genuine manufacturer spares undergo rigorous testing to meet industry standards and ensure longevity. Choosing non-original parts may result in frequent breakdowns, increased downtime, and additional maintenance costs, ultimately impacting the overall efficiency and profitability of the equipment.

4. Watch out for Same Price, Different Quality:

Counterfeit parts are often priced similarly to genuine manufacturer spares, creating a deceptive market where unsuspecting consumers pay a premium for substandard components. Despite the seemingly equal cost, non-original spares compromise the performance and safety of the industrial spray equipment, leading to higher overall expenses in the long run.

5. Safety Risks:

The use of non-original spares may introduce safety risks, especially in critical components like dosing valves. Low-quality fittings in dosing valves, particularly on the high-pressure side of the machine, can be dangerous. The risk of injection, equipment failure, and other safety hazards increases when using counterfeit parts, compromising the well-being of both operators and the workplace.

6. Fire Hazards:

Choosing incorrect spare parts, such as substituting genuine nylon hoses with subpar alternatives, can pose a fire risk. Authentic manufacturer spares undergo stringent testing to ensure they meet safety standards, but counterfeit components may lack these crucial safety features, potentially leading to disastrous consequences.


In the realm of industrial and commercial spray equipment, the use of non-original spares poses significant risks that far outweigh any perceived cost savings. From warranty voidance to safety hazards, the negative outcomes of opting for counterfeit or inferior parts are extensive. Investing in genuine manufacturer spares not only protects the spray equipment and its operators but also ensures the longevity and efficiency on projects and helps you to maintain and enhance your brands reputation.

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