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7 August 2023

Many of the technical service and maintenance jobs our engineers are called out to deal with are preventable. They are largely down to machines that are unused for periods of time, or machines that are working around the clock and become inefficient because they haven’t been serviced for such a long time. Commercial spray equipment is just like a car, regular servicing and maintenance will save you time and money!

Here are some tips to help you minimize breakdowns and keep your equipment in good working condition:

1. Regular Maintenance:

Follow the manufacturer's maintenance schedule and guidelines. Regularly inspect and service the equipment to identify and address any potential issues before they escalate.

2. Cleanliness:

Keep the machine and its components clean after each use. Residue buildup can lead to clogs, reduced performance, and premature wear of parts, which costs your time and more money in the long run.

3. Proper Storage:

Store the equipment in a clean, dry, and protected environment when not in use. Exposure to harsh weather conditions or extreme temperatures can lead to damage and corrosion.

4. Correct Usage:

Train operators on the correct use of the equipment. Mishandling or incorrect operation can cause damage and lead to breakdowns. Spray Plant 2K Ltd deliver training on every purchase of a machine but staff change over time. At Spray Plant 2K our mechanical engineers are experts. We know the machines inside out and understand how different conditions and materials affect performance. We ensure that operators are trained not only in the correct use of the equipment, including health and safety. Also, in recognizing potential issues and reporting them for timely resolution.

5. Use Quality Materials:

Always use high-quality paints, coatings, and cleaning solutions that are compatible with your spray equipment. Inferior materials can cause clogs and damage the machine over time.

6. Monitor Fluid Levels:

Regularly check and maintain appropriate fluid levels, such as paint, oil, and hydraulic fluid. Low levels or leaks can lead to performance issues or damage to the machine.

7. Lubrication:

Keep all moving parts properly lubricated according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Lubrication prevents excessive friction and wear.

8. Replace Worn Parts:

Inspect all components regularly and replace any worn or damaged parts promptly. Using damaged parts can lead to further damage and compromise the efficiency of the equipment.

9. Handle with Care:

Avoid dropping or mishandling the equipment, especially delicate parts like hoses, nozzles, and spray tips. Delicate components can be easily damaged, affecting performance.

During transportation, secure the equipment properly to prevent any damage from bumps or vibrations.

10. Keep Manuals and Documentation:

Keep the equipment's manuals and documentation handy for reference, troubleshooting, and to ensure that you have all the necessary information.

11. Address Issues Promptly:

If you notice any unusual sounds, vibrations, or performance issues with the equipment, address them promptly. Ignoring problems can lead to more significant breakdowns.

12. Conduct Inspections:

Periodically conduct detailed inspections of the entire equipment to identify any potential issues or signs of wear.

At Spray Plant 2K, we understand how disruptive a break down or inefficient machine can be. At the very best it’s an inconvenience, at worst you can miss a contracted deadline, costing you revenue and penalties.  That is why we offer Service Level Agreements.

With a Service Level Agreement or SLA, we provide you with a proactive service and maintenance schedule, to fit around your work schedules and offer annual training FOC. Without it you can pay hundreds and, in some cases, thousands of pounds a year.

If you’re interested in reducing downtime and increasing productivity, get in touch with Dave Shields or Alfie Carr today.