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Scale quickly with equipment hire
30 October 2023

Although many of Spray Plant 2K customers purchase Graco and Wiwa equipment from us, we also offer the opportunity to hire equipment. You might consider hiring in these circumstances:

1. You want to win a big contract:

2. Congratulations! You have won a new contract:

Winning a new contract can require more human and equipment resources. If you need to scale up to deliver a project, then hiring spray equipment might be the best solution for you.

  • When you hire spray equipment from us your equipment will be set up and ready to go, saving you time on site. 
  • New equipment requires transporting to site. Hiring equipment helps our customers avoid additional transport and logistics costs.
  • At spray plant 2K we know how important it is to our customers that they are productive on site. Training is not included in the price but is available to ensure all operators are able to set up the machines safely and achieve optimal results.
  • Save even more money. Hiring means that you don’t need to add new equipment to your equipment insurance policy or pay for additional storage facilities.
  • We love a dirty spray machine. Of course, we service and maintain equipment any Graco or Wiwa spray equipment, but if you hire from us, you also receive the benefit of never having to clean, service or maintain it, making you operationally more efficient!

3. A new opportunity:

Coatings are constantly evolving and working with new materials can be a challenge, there are lots of factors involved:

  • At Spray Plant 2K we have worked closely with material’s manufacturers for over 2 decades and are trusted by leading manufacturers to support their customers. We often work with customers to trial new products and develop the correct preparation processes, machine set up, accessories required to spray the coating for the highest quality finish.
  • Once testing has been carried out at Spray Plant 2K, we look to trial on site, which has taken us all over the world. As part of this trial period, we hire the equipment to our customers, carry out a full set up of the equipment and offer extensive training so they can get up and running as quickly as possible.

Have a look at our hire page to see what’s available in stock or speak to one of our technical sales team to discuss your project in more detail.