Polyurea Spray Machines

Polyurea Spray Machines

Spray Plant 2K supply a range of polyurea spray machines to suit a wide range of applications and projects, including a range of Graco Reactor units. Polyurea is much more advanced compared to other available coating systems. It has several advantages including abrasion resistance, energy efficiency, and fire & waterproof properties. Spraying is one of the most precise, efficient, and effective methods of applying polyurea coatings. 

Polyurea machines are useful for applying coatings to serve a wide range of industries and purposes, including for pipelines, tank coatings, marine and oil/gas applications. It is resistant to weather conditions and can withstand the pressures of different temperatures, making it suitable for outdoor use. 

Graco Reactor Spray Units

We offer a selection of Graco Reactor E-XP2 and E-10HP Reactor units for you to choose from. Graco’s range of polyurea spray equipment allows for precise material applications and high-performance spraying. We also have Graco hire units available, including the EXP-2 Electric Reactor and the A25 reactor

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